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Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection, Bellevue, WA

Construction inspections are crucial for ensuring that safety and quality standards are followed appropriately from the outset. Construction projects need the coordination of several project team members, supplies, and equipment, exposing contractors to various possible risks and hazards. Routine worksite inspections are required to manage a construction site throughout the project's lifespan properly.

De-Risk Project Management with Construction Inspection

A construction inspection checklist is critical during the planning stage of a building project since it ensures that all project criteria are met. Once the project has begun, progress inspections become a regular occurrence on the job site to ensure these standards are satisfied. Progress inspections are undertaken by one or more personnel from various trades, depending on the scale of the project. If a particular project area requires more input, specialist inspectors may conduct inspections of waste management strategy, environmental policy, and accessibility.

GEO Group Northwest, Inc. is a reputed geotechnical engineering firm founded in 1990. We offer services to public and private sector clients, including retaining wall designs, foundation wall designs, geotechnical investigations, and construction site inspections.

Our experienced construction inspection solutions and Quality Control/Quality Assurance monitoring put construction project owners and investors at ease. Our results-driven approach and rigorous technical standards in furnishing solutions help to de-risk the project management process. Your project is finished within budget and the stipulated timeframe.

Our Construction Inspection Services

Ensuring the construction continues according to the engineering standards is as vital as geotechnical studies. Our professional onsite inspectors check design, oversee contractors, perform non-destructive testing and monitoring, control papers and paperwork, and tailor reports.

Our highly motivated and skilled shop inspectors, non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians, and professional materials engineers ensure that the concrete and steel used to safely construct bridges, highway structures, oil/gas pipelines, and power generation facilities are compliant durable, and within design specifications and standards.

We have decades of experience supporting a range of high-mast lighting, bridge fabrication and construction, roadway, commercial and residential constructions, highway signage projects, power plant pressure tanks, and vessel installation projects. We routinely monitor tests and document activities for highway, roadway, and bridge improvements, replacements, repairs, stormwater systems, and water treatment plants.

Comprehensive Construction Inspection Solutions

Our seasoned and certified staff is knowledgeable of various quality assurance inspections, procedures, and test practices for structural steel and precast/prestressed concrete products. They are highly qualified and have worked with clients from various industries and sectors over the years.

We follow well-documented guidelines and specifications to ensure thorough and safe testing and planning, so you can safeguard ongoing operations by managing risk. Our team specializes in a range of inspection services for the following construction projects:

  • Slope Stability Analysis & Inspection
  • Concrete Foundation Inspection
  • Subgrade Construction Inspection
  • Asphalt Inspection

For additional information regarding our construction inspection services, please call GEO Group Northwest, Inc. at 425-649-8757. You can also write to us via this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you back shortly to discuss your project specifics and requirements.

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