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Geotechnical &

Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Services

Geotechnical Engineering Services, Bellevue, WA

GEO Group Northwest, Inc. is a professional consulting firm formed in 1990. We have extensive experience in geotechnical engineering and provide associated services such as environmental sciences and geological solutions to commercial and public sector clients. Our highly skilled engineers and geologists possess an in-depth knowledge of the sector. Our company's seasoned team of environmental consultants has a unique mix of abilities and competence our clients can rely on. We offer a broad range of innovative solutions, including geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, construction inspection, and laboratory testing. With decades of industry experience, our competent team provides a range of services developed with our client's needs in mind. We offer site investigation, engineering analysis, and design solutions. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that they get the solutions they need within their budget. Our company has completed several projects throughout the Northwest, and we remain one of the industry's most respected operators.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our business is frequently involved in various projects, including overpasses, communication towers, highway engineering, bridges, and mid-to high-rise residential complexes. Our specialist staff brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, and this skill and understanding are essential components of our professional geotechnical services. We provide cost-effective solutions for large and small-scale projects using existing data, a thorough understanding of geotechnical characteristics, cutting-edge subsurface data collection and analysis technology, and innovative design techniques. Our geotechnical team has extensive expertise in working collaboratively with other disciplines to develop novel and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering, geotechnical, and civil environmental challenges. We have earned our client's trust by providing detailed and creative solutions for shallow and deep foundation designs, ground upgrades, and seismic and pavement design recommendations. We offer end-to-end solutions to various construction organizations in the public and private sectors, including conception, site surveys, assessment, design and planning, and earthwork monitoring. Read More About Geotechnical Engineering >>

Environmental Engineering

Our skilled engineers, hydrogeologists, and scientists' expertise help us manage environmental and technological projects. We cater to a wide range of clients, including small manufacturing businesses, global organizations, environmental experts, and consulting firms. The professionals provide diverse clients with a comprehensive range of environmental cleanup and evaluation services. Our expert team assists customers in managing and minimizing unexpected costs connected with site contamination assessments and cleaning, postponed start conditions, regulatory requirements, and missed deadlines. Clients require these services while acquiring land, rezoning it, or applying for land development. Our specialists will keep you informed of all necessary procedures under current legislation at each stage of the process. Our personalized approach and services go a long way in providing all our clients with the most innovative, high-grade solutions to help mitigate environmental risks in their construction and land development projects. We work very closely with our clients, helping them ensure compliance with environmental rules and regulations. Read More About Environmental Engineering >>

Construction Inspection

Construction inspections are critical for ensuring that quality and safety standards are adhered to throughout the construction process. Coordinating several team members, materials, and equipment is required in construction projects, exposing operators to several potential risks and hazards. Routine on-site inspections are necessary to manage a worksite effectively for the project's duration. Our experienced and trained personnel is conversant with various quality assurance inspections, processes, and test methods for steel structures and pre-cast concrete products. They have a strong track record of working with a diverse range of clients from different industries and areas. We handle it all from Slope Stability Analysis and Inspections to Concrete Foundation Assessments, Subgrade Construction Inspections, and Asphalt Inspections. Our specialists' well-documented rules and specifications help you control risk by ensuring comprehensive and safe testing and planning. Our skilled on-site inspectors review designs, supervise contractors, conduct non-destructive testing, manage documents and paperwork, and provide custom reports. Read More About Construction Inspection >>

Laboratory Testing

GEO Group Northwest, Inc. has provided accredited and thorough laboratory testing to private and public sector clients in the Northwest for over 15 years. With years of business experience, our skilled workforce offers a range of services suited to our client's individual needs. In addition to site investigation and laboratory testing, we provide engineering designs and construction support and offer testing services for bitumen and asphalt, aggregates, cement and concrete, earthwork soils, soil corrosion, and water corrosion. We also conduct fireproofing/fire safety tests, non-destructive/ultrasonic tests, masonry unit and structural steel evaluations, and structural steel. Additionally, our team will provide an overview of retaining walls and earthwork activities through on-site testing and monitoring. Highly certified, trained, and seasoned laboratory and field personnel conduct comprehensive materials testing per applicable national, state, and local standards. We have an internal Quality System team responsible for measuring and verifying our equipment's accuracy. Additionally, our laboratories have accreditation from a variety of reputable third-party organizations. Read More About Laboratory Testing >>

We oversee everything from early planning and design through earthwork monitoring for the construction industry and other clients. Our trained and qualified geologists and geological engineers work closely with planning experts, developers, and architects with data and engineering studies to find the most cost-effective and acceptable foundation system and efficient building processes for any project we undertake. We never deviate from providing quality services to our clients, and we have many repeat clients that hire us regularly for various big and small projects. Our company has completed many projects throughout the Northwest, and we continue to be one of the most preferred operators in the industry. For additional information regarding our laboratory testing services, please call GEO Group Northwest, Inc. at 425-649-8757. You can also write to us via this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you back shortly to discuss your project specifics and requirements.

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